Wed 13 Jul 2022 Kara Aziz

Making music with La Vague


Based in Fez, Morocco, La Vague made their name in the electronic scene with their remix of The Sun Lives. Since then, they’ve released two albums and fostered the growing music community in their hometown. 

We sat with La Vague to learn more about their process of making music and the local music scene.

How has living in Fez influenced your music?

Morocco is a melting pot of different cultures and Fez is no different. The music community here is very tight-knit and there’s a lot of collaboration between artists and exchanges between traditional and contemporary styles, which I think comes through in our work.

How has your music production process changed over the years?

Most of our process is still the same — we experiment a lot and try different instruments. But more recently, we’ve collaborated with more artists across Africa, sometimes remotely.

What excites you the most about the music scene in Morocco?

There’s a lot more interest in traditional Moroccan music, not just amongst young people in Morocco but also globally. On the other hand, many artists who play Moroccan folk music are now more open to experimenting and collaborating with people like us, which is really exciting.

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